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Pierre Henniquant, Photographer

Pierre H. begins his career in 1996 with the Famous Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He takes part in the setting of the studio, the maintenance of the material and the Photographic library. He becomes portraitist for the Elite Agency in 1997 and deals with the actions of communication related to the childs. It takes part in the World cup of Soccer in 1998 for the Fujifilm Company.

In 1998, it decides to continue its career in San Diego, California the USA. He worked for San Diego Newspaper Group and is made a name among the many photographers present. He also worked at Sea World and perfect its experiment of black and white printer in a professional laboratory: The Photo Factory.

Back in France in 2002, he is established as a Free Lance on Paris and makes profitable from his various experiments. He is working now for various press agency.

In june 2006, he decided to go in Shanghai in order to realize photo reports on The ³Chinese backstage². He centers his work on Mingong ­ countryside worker. He spent the whole part of his time on their side, in order to take photos on the different aspects of their life.

³ I did not have to walk long hours to find them. The majority of my photos are been taken in the center of Shanghai : Huai Hai Lu, Xintiandi, The Bund, PudongŠ In this wellknown chineses places, there is two different world, which don’t know each other. We easely pass from a shopping area to a totally destroy area.²

Those photographies are like this country : contrasted. The foregrounds are the ruins and the workers. The second plans are the new city and its modern buildings.

REFERENCES 2005/2006 Freelance Photographer for the Press Agency Gran Angular, Paris, France
2003/2004 Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer for E-gate, book designed for fashion company (Dior, Paul and Joe)
2002 Black and white fiber printer for the professional laboratory the Studio Dupif, Paris, France. Print done for the exhibition of Nicolas de Staël at the Modern Art Museum of Paris
2000/2002 Black and white fiber printer for the professionnal black and white laboratory the Photo Factory, San Diego, California
1999/2002 Freelance photographer for the San Diego Newspaper Group
1999 Photographer at Sea World San Diego. Digital photography
1998 lab technician at the photo lab Photoservices, Paris, France
1997 Studio photographer for the Studio National- Elite photo, Paris
1996 Internship at Earth from Above Photography agency of the Photographer Yann Arthus- Bertrand

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS 2006 « l’apres CPE » « Students demonstration against CPE law » Paris, France
2003 « Mexican immigration » Paris, France
2001 « les commercants Européens » « European Business » La Jolla, California

Chaussures de securite
Chantier de la Shanghai World Financial Center, the Century Road, block 300, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
Reference Photo : PH08P02-06

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